ASUS Ranks Number One in Gaming Laptops with 40% Global Market Share

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ASUS has announced that it has solidified its position as the number one gaming laptop brand worldwide, according to sales data compiled by GfK Group, an independent market research company.

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Onkyo Introduces Next Wave of Advanced Home Cinema Products

Category > Hifi by author Crowdedbrain

Onkyo has unveiled details of a second wave of products from its premier RZ Series, including two top-of-the-line A/V receivers..

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AOC Unveils its first VR headset

Category > Gadgets by author Crowdedbrain

AOC, one of the top global brands in the display market, unveiled its first virtual reality head-mounted display (HMD) at last week's gamescom in Cologne.

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The Hoff: Zombie Killer

Category > Games by author Crowdedbrain

The Hoff’s latest role sees him tackle the undead as the US legend stars in videogame blockbuster Call of Duty, alongside a star cast of Seth Green, Ike Barinholtz, Jay...

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53% of UK Pokemon Go Gamers Play at Work

Category > Games by author Crowdedbrain

53% of employees who play Pokemon Go admit doing so during working hours. 43% say they play up to three hours and 27% play between three and five hours at...

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Heralding an End to ATX Mega Towers: Lian Li’s New SFX PSUs

Category > Computers by author Crowdedbrain

Lian-Li has announced its two high-wattage SFX-L PSUs: the PE-550 and PE-750. These fully modular, small form factor power supplies are ideal choices for small form factor builds using powerful...

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World’s First Dyanamo-Powered iPhone Case

Category > Mobile/Smartphones by author Crowdedbrain

AMPware Power Generating iPhone Case is The World’s first hand-cranked iPhone battery case, this revolutionary gadget turns ten minutes of winding into two hours of regular mobile use.

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Boobytrap your bedroom with littleBits

Category > Gadgets by author Crowdedbrain

littleBits, an easy-to-use platform of electronic building blocks, has launched the Rule Your Room Kit, an exciting way for children to create touch-activated inventions designed to control and defend their...

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Can you Play Real Money Games on Android?

At first sight, the app marketplaces run by Google and Apple are similar in nature. They are both collections of free to play or paid-for games and apps, bringing them within the reach of billions of smartphone users all over the world. There is one important thing that sets them apart, namely their view on online gambling. Where Apple is open...


Xbox Family Expecting two new siblings!

I managed to catch up with the Microsoft Xbox E3 press conference yesterday evening and I must admit I was surprised to see that they started with the announcement of the Xbox One S - arriving in August! Then again they probably cottoned on to the notion that the news had been leaked weeks before, so it was just confirming...


New Xbox One & Xbox App (BETA) Updates Incoming to Preview Members

Arriving this week, Microsoft are releasing into Preview a summer update that will start to...