GameGadget Retro Console

GameGadget Retro ConsoleGameGadget is the world’s first dedicated retro gaming device, designed and developed in the UK. Supported by their own “iTunes” style download application, GameGadget has the potential to play any retro game ever produced!

Described as the “iPod for Games” GameGadget is the first games console to be developed in the UK since the heyday of Spectrum and Amstrad over 20 years ago.

The GameGadget Application, allows for games to be downloaded directly onto the GameGadget via a secure DRM (Digtial Rights Management) system. Operating on a revenue share basis, developers of content receive revenue for every game that is sold.

Jason Cooper - creator of GameGadget commented

“Demand and support for GameGadget has been phenomenal taking us completely by surprise. It has enabled us to secure significant cost savings on future production, well ahead of schedule. As we are serious about GameGadget becoming a “must have” gadget, that everyone can afford, we are therefore passing on our cost savings immediately. We will start selling GameGadget for £59.99 on from Friday 27th April.”

The GameGadget launched worldwide at the start of April 2012 to a highly expectant customer base of video game enthusiasts and collectors. The first shipment to reach the UK sold through in record time. Currently, GameGadget comes with 10 Free classic SEGA games for download (games themselves cost £2.99).

Jason Cooper continued;
“From day one we said we would be honest with our customers. We shall be refunding all customers the equivalent value of today’s price drop. They and future customers can now be confident that GameGagdet has reached its optimum price, in record time. There will be no further price reductions. We are delighted to offer a far superior product than the Dingoo at a much more competitive price. Thanks again everyone for your support. GAME ON!!!”

The release of the latest version of the GameGadget Application will also offer the first appearance of the game download store and shows how developers can submit content for sale on GameGadget. With a strong following by the development community supported by GameGadget’s own forum (, examples of the open source capabilities of the device are already being posted on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and You Tube.

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