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Broken iPhone Screen? Try ‘iMend’ for a quality Fix!

I don’t know about you, but the advancement in phone technology still doesn't make a blind bit of difference when it comes to dropping one onto a hard surface (concrete for one) or being rolled over by your office chair! Freak accidents can happen (depending on how the phone lands or is crushed) and usually the phone’s screen is the first to show the brunt of it!

I must admit, this must be a common problem in London as every time I visit the capital I see plenty of iPhones on the Tube with damaged screens!

Of course most of the time the phone will still work and it’s only the cosmetic front that is affected. I can also understand why people still use their phone even in its damaged state. Possibly it’s out of warranty and using the phone is a better option than the alternative of shelling out for a new one (especially at Apple’s prices).

However while you can repair screens (either yourself or via a local repair shop), the process and cost of Apple’s official screen repair service may put people off. I think they charge £206.44 for an out of warranty repair on anything but an iPhone 6 – which costs £266.44! Heck even with a warranty you are looking at over a £100 for a repair if they determine the screen was broken by accident.

Thankfully there are alternative solutions for you to explore and ones that can save you some money in the process.

Mind you this is also where problems can arise. Because if you go down the non-official route, there are a certainly cheaper alternatives, but the screens themselves are not always going to retain the same quality! For example some can contain dead-spots - where the touch screen does not work - and then you have the quality of the repair job itself (snag a cable on an iPhone 5s that is connected to your Home button and you can kiss goodbye to your touch sensor). As a result you can end up with a phone that looks better, but does not work properly!


The reason for going on about the above is because recently I was sent a recommendation to check out a company that specialises in nationwide mobile phone repairs and one that is keen to demonstrate that it supplies quality high-grade replacement parts and a service that goes the extra mile (I will explain more about this in a moment).

The company in question was iMend and I was keen to see what they could offer, especially as they provide a screen replacement service for all the current iPhone models.

Booking a repair

iPhone 5s7

Booking a repair is pretty easy. Firstly the company has a stylish and intuitive online booking system, that allows you to book repairs and get a price there and then. Alternatively you can contact the company over the phone (including getting a call back, so it won’t cost you anything), email (my method of contacting), communicate via live chat or even post in your phone.

While I was looking at getting a screen fixed I also noticed that they can also repair other problems with your phone or even tablet. Such as repairing water damage, broken rear-glass, broken buttons, battery issues, camera and sound problems. Also if your issue is not listed you can request a quote.

The company seem to repair phones from most of the major brands, such as Apple (iPhone/iPads), Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony and HTC.


What’s interesting is the company primarily provides a call-out service, in which an iMend engineer can come out to your place of work, home or even a hotel. Subsequently the phone can be fixed in front of you at your convenience!

Note: From what I could gather is that the engineers are picked based on post code and are technically out-sourced. In other words they still represent iMend but they are part of a network of engineers. Each engineer though has to use the same high-grade components regardless of their postcode coverage.

Pricing is also given on the website directly or it can be tailored to your problem. In this example it was £69.99 for a replacement iPhone 5s screen (iPhone 6 costs more at £129.9). Though the only issue I noticed was on the online system there was a £10 call-out charge that only appeared when you clicked on the ‘Book Repair’ option. This should really be front and centre, so you know the full cost before you start.

However you are still given the price before an engineer is sent out – so no real hidden surprises! Mind you no payment is actually taken until the job is completed and you are 100% satisfied! Thus they work on a No Fix, No Fee policy. For example if a problem does not get sorted they won’t charge you a penny!

Of course the above call-out option is something I wanted to test first hand, as recommendations are one thing, but I prefer seeing it with my own eyes.

For test purposes though my call-out was not charged, but I still want to point out that the engineer was not initially informed about my feature, so it was there to keep the test as natural as possible.

This allowed me to see what parts were brought over/used and also how the repair was done! In fact explaining how the repair is done was one of the engineer’s roles. However I will talk about this in a moment. Plus with the engineer working on the phone - in front of you - there is no need to worry about data security!

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