Cassette case for 2G iPod classic

Cassette case for 2G iPod classicWe thought we would post this bit of news about the new 2G iPod classic cassette case, which as the name suggests is indeed using one of the old fashioned cassette boxes to house and protect the iPod itself.

Essentially the case is made from polycarbonate plastic, so the Proporta Playback Pack (Apple 2G iPod classic 80GB/120GB) should protect your investment from everyday knocks and scratches.

The tape cassette case design will also double up as a stand for desk viewing and the pack even includes a Proporta Stereo Y Splitter Cable and a pair of headphones so that you can enjoy your entertainment with a friend.

Though by the looks of it you could make one of these for yourself - if you have an old cassette box and enough time - but there is no point really as these are only going for a couple of quid.