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Gioteck EX-05s HD Stereo Headset Review

The Gioteck EX-05s is essentially an upgrade to the Gioteck EX-05 which we reviewed back at the end of 2012. We noted at the time that the headset was comfortable but the ear cups were made of a sponge like material which did cause our ears to get hot after a long period of gaming and the build quality was not exactly brilliant!

Thankfully the EX-05s model has addressed some of these issues, as the build quality is an improvement and there has obviously been some work done on the aesthetics too. But it is still far from perfect...

At the top of the headset you have two metal coverings which are placed on top of the headband, granted these do look appealing at first, but on the flip-side the headset is wider than the original and as you will find out later in the review the metal finish does add to one of the headset’s primary design flaws.

The rotating ear cups are now fashioned from a leather style material (as opposed to the original sponge) and they are also etched with a “Come Get Some” Skull logo. We found the new material certainly helped reduce the heat and for the younger/hipper generation the logo could be classed as cool.

The rubberised mic boom has also shifted from its original right-hand position to the left ear cup and once again this can be rotated upwards when not in use or bent slightly; to angle the mic closer to your mouth.

Additionally the control box is coated in a new sleeker/rubberised finish which provides better build quality and non-slip access to the rotary mic/game volume controls.

Sadly there is still no clip on the control box which means it tends to just dangle down from the headset when in use and this can make things awkward when searching for the volume adjustment mid-game.

Being a wired headset you also have a fair length of cable (enough to reach from your device to an armchair in your lounge), but over the original this seems to be a little more compact from the headset to the control box. Mind you while the cable is thinner it is still a slight hindrance if you want to use this on a PC.

However some of the cabling attachments are obsolete depending of course on what device you plug the headset into; as this is a multi-format headset. However you still need to purchase a separate RCA Audio Adapter (not that expensive) if you want to use the headset with an Xbox 360 HDMI setup.

Thankfully the manual is pretty comprehensive at showing you how to setup the headset on any device you own.

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