Hackers and Spies Have Only 30 Days Left To Claim Your $250,000 Gold Reward

Hackers and Spies Have Only 30 Days Left To Claim Your 0,000 Gold RewardGold Lock - a provider of military-grade secure mobile communications devices and data encryption tools - wants the world’s spies, hackers and professional communications eavesdroppers to know that they have only 30 days left to download and decrypt the recorded voice call waiting for them on the Gold Lock website.

Back in October of 2009, Gold Lock CEO Noam Copel announced the company’s intention to award $100,000 in gold to anyone that could provide a transcript of a cellular call that was encrypted using one of the company’s products and posted on its web site.  In November, the company upped the reward to $250,000 in pure gold. And although thousands of would-be hackers responded, including members of various intelligence communities, the gold remains unawarded.

And that doesn’t surprise Mr. Copel, who firmly believes the gold will remain in his possession when the deadline for the contest expires in 30 days.

“We have been providing comprehensive end-to-end IT and cellular encryption solutions to government, public, and private sectors since 2003. In all that time we have never had a communications security failure, and no one that uses any of our products has had any sensitive personal or business information harvested and used against them,” said Mr. Copel.

Gold Lock’s data and voice encryption products utilize state-of-the-art encryption technology so powerful it has been licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.  For example, when protecting voice calls, Gold Lock automatically changes the keys multiple times for each call, a feature that makes it virtually impossible to zoom in on a specific set of keys and decrypt it. The company is quick to point out, however, that the complex technology that makes these products undefeatable is transparent to the user. Making a secure voice call is as simple as making a regular call. The software installed in the phone does all the work.

To learn more about the contest and download the pre-recorded 10-minute file, visit https://www.gold-lock.com/app/en/HackerChallenge

To learn more about the military-grade encryption solutions offered by Gold Lock, visit http://www.gold-lock.com.