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Hannspree SV32LMNB LED TV Review

We remember when the cost of a FULL HD LCD screen was in the thousands, yet with the uptake on 3D technology this has seen the prices drop significantly so that now anyone can afford a respectable sized FULL HD Screen.

This is certainly the case with the Hannspreee 32" SV32LMNB which has two main benefits. For one it features a max res of 1920 x 1080 (FULL HD) and two it also boasts LED technology.

As with the Viewsonic we reviewed the other day the benefits of such a technology speak volumes as it has a power output - when on - of just 95W and its contrast ratio is boosted to Typical : 4000:1 and Dynamic 4,750,000:1.

In English this means dark films/games are not a problem with this screen!


Having received delivery of the Hannspree we are a little bit annoyed that the images we took with our camera at the time were lost (due to memory card corruption) as you would have seen how slim the box and how well designed the packaging was, let alone the screen itself.

It was easy to remove the TV and assembly was straightforward, though you do need to lower the screen onto a soft service in order to screw the base stand to the bottom edge of the TV.

The base stand itself is like a sheet of slate, very stylish and extremely durable, which is no mean feet given the price of the screen. In terms of stand rotation you could swing the TV from left to right.

As for the TV itself this is also stylish and has a relatively thin profile to match. A series of touch sensitive controls are situated along the right bottom of the screen and this allows you to switch between the various input modes, colour adjustments and volume control.

Of course you can use the supplied remote control and though this is a little light weight its button layout was good, with all the picture and audio controls at the base of the remote and the d-pad/numbers, for manipulating content, directly above.

Note: You can also wall mount the TV thanks to the "VESA Wall Mounting" holes at the back of the screen (TV mounting bracket is obviously separate)


At the back you have a solid set of connectivity options. As well as PC RGB input, you have a 3.5mm audio in port, SPDIF, Component (connecting to Xbox), 3 x 1.3 HDMI ports (2 rear, 1 side), composite (side), 2 x scart ports, 1 x USB at the side (displays pictures from FAT & FAT 32 enabled drives) and your TV antenna connection.

We used the screen with all manner of hi-def equipment, including Virgins V+ HD Service, Scart DVD player, HDMI driven Blu-ray player and Xbox 360 running over Component and HDMI.

Note: For testing we also used a combination of low cost HDMI/Scart cables and hi-performance ones such as the Lindy HDMI cable.


First up we used the Virgin V+ HD Service and we have to admit to be a little disappointed with the results at first as the broadcast 720P did not really do the screen much justice. However we soon found that not all HD channels were the same and select ones (comedy channel HD for example) proved more effective than others (Sky 1 HD was not great), plus with tweaking of the colour profiles we could set a personal profile that looked great with the V+ HD box.

This is the key thing to say about the Hannspree, out the box you do need to tweak the settings a little to get the TV working to the best of its abilities, but with the personal profile mentioned above and various defaults to choose from (i.e. colour, vivid and movie) we could get to a point where the TV was optimised for any situation.

Built in TV

We did try the built in Freeview Tuner and had to admit to being slightly surprised at just how many channels this TV picked up. Just over 100 in the end, of course some of these were scrambled channels i.e. Sky Sports 1, but overall very impressive. The quality again needed a little tweaking to start with but picture wise it was a lot better out the box than most screens we have seen (including more expensive ones). Note: The only quibble was that channels did not change as quickly as they could, but it's only a real problem for the impatient.


Gaming is one area where this screen excels, colours are vivid and this inturn brings the action to life. However we found that the best bet for linking our Xbox 360 was via a HDMI cable as there seemed to be a touch of lag when playing "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2" via the component cable. Either way the LED technology really made games come alive it has to be said, with "Alan Wake" being quite a dark game we had no problems seeing the on-screen action and graphically once again the game looked superb!


Linking up to a standard Phillips Blu-ray player once again showcased how good the colours were on the Hannspree (likewise normal DVD's played via a Scart looked great to).

Watching Predators was brilliant as we liked the way the leading characters in the movie stood out from the background, it was like they were painted in. It simply was a joy to behold watching films.

Note: The other area we found where this TV excelled was in the viewing angles, we had no problems viewing the screen from the front or side thanks to its 178 degree viewing angle.


Normally with TV’s the sound is a little wimpish, but we have to admit the 2 x 10w speakers were a lot better than we could have imagined. In fact we had to set the volume at 10 most of the time because it was quite loud (its noise would certainly fill a large room).


In terms of extras the TV tuner gives you zoom control (useful for removing wide-screen boarders), EPG, sleep function and Teletext.

However at this price point for an LED screen you won’t find Internet connectivity in place or a Freeview HD tuner, so really this is a screen for connecting to an existing console and HD service setup.


  • Product Description Hannspree SV32LMNB 32" Full HD LED TV
  • Diagonal Size 80cm (31.5") Wide, LED Backlight
  • Colour Black
  • Native Resolution 1920 × 1080 (Full HD, 1080p)
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Brightness 450 cd/m²
  • Contrast Ratio Typical : 4000:1
  • Dynamic : 4,750,000:1
  • TV System SDTV and HDTV (MPEG-4 AVC H.264), DVB-T with CI+. DVB-C. MHEG5. PAL / SECAM
  • Response Time 6.5ms GtG
  • Viewing Angle 178°/178°
  • Video Features 3D Comb Filter, 3D De-Interlacer, Noise Reduction, 3:2/2:2 Pull Down
  • Viewing Aspect Ratio Auto / Zoom 1 / Zoom 2 / Full / Normal
  • Extras Freeze Picture, Channel Edit, Sleep Timer, EPG (DTV)
  • WSS Yes (Wide Screen Signaling)
  • Teletext (TV RF + AV) 1.000 pages (Ver 1.5)
  • Video Connection Inputs HDMI 1.3 × 3 (1 side, 2 rear); YPbPr (Component) × 1; Composite × 1; Scart × 2, VGA (PC) × 1; Tuner × 1; USB × 1
  • USB MP3, JPEG, Video
  • Hotel Mode Yes
  • Audio 10W + 10W (EQ.) Virtual Surround
  • Picture & Sound preset Mode Yes
  • Audio Interface HDMI / PC Line Input; AV R/L Audio Input; Component R/L Audio Input; Audio Output (R/L); SPDIF Output (Optical); Earphone Output
  • Power Consumption On: 95W
  • Stand-By: < 0,3W
  • OSD Languages 28 (EN, DE, FR, IT, SP, PT, NL, BG, DK, FI, SW, NO, PL, RU, CZ, CR, HU, RO, SK, SL, SE, TK, GR, GA, LT, ES, LI, UA)
  • Net Dimensions (W*H*D) 790,0 × 576,0 × 240,0 mm with Stand
  • 790,0 × 516,0 × 46,4 mm w/o Stand
  • VESA Wall Mounting Yes: 200 × 200 mm, 4 screws, M4
  • Package Contents User Manual, Quick Start Guide, Remote Control + Batteries, Power Cord.
  • Weight Net Weight: 13,0Kg
  • Gross Weight: 16Kg
  • Warranty 2 Years Warranty with Pick Up, Repair and Return Policy
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