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Lego Jurassic World Review

If you have played any of the previous Lego titles from Tt Games then you will already be ready to play Lego Jurassic World as soon as you get past the intro credits. However as movie tie-in’s go this one is a real cracker! Surprisingly -despite the title - you get to play through the first three films as well and in any order!

What’s also cool is the levels pretty much play-out like the films structure, so if you are a fan of the latter you will instantly get the added humour. Personally speaking I found the humour has been upped a notch (from previous Lego Games) and this is helped mainly because of the Dinosaurs involvement!

Another point to note is with the voice overs for the Lego characters. For example it was another surprise to hear - in places - that the original voice cast was used, albeit in a dubbed fashion. While the quality of the voice is a little suspect in the early parts, there was no denying that this elevated the game's atmosphere ten-fold!

It’s primarily one of the reasons that I felt like I was stepping into the actor’s roles and playing out the films in my own way, albeit on a miniature scale.

Any order

While purists will play through the films in sequence, the game does provide you the option to jump-in to whatever world you want.

For example if you wanted to play the latest film tie-in before the original Jurassic Park, you can! However sometimes I found playing out of sequence does help if you want quicker access to some of the character’s - which can be used in free play modes. This is key for unlocking new areas, getting yellow and red bricks (provides useful stud multipliers and silly extras like helium voices) and this in turn is the way to get 100% (Xbox style achievements and in-game)

Map of the Worlds

The way to navigate through the different worlds takes on a few approaches, for example you can either use the start hub to fly to the next world, grab a vehicle and drive around the park to find boats or use the select button (or equivalent) to access the map (which itself has multiple layers).

In some ways the map takes a little time to get used to, but the latter takes the form of a Jurassic Park/World style presentation, so it fits in nicely with the film tie-in aspect. Besides, once you get used to the map it does provide reasonably quick access to map points for fast tracking to new locations or for finding bricks. Mind you getting hold of the red brick extra, which allows you to track all the red/yellow bricks, is the way to go!


Alongside the bricks you also get additional challenges during free play moments. For example you can try to unlock Photo opportunities, as one of the specific characters allows you to take snap shots of locations or Dinosaurs and this helps in your tally to get true 100%

Likewise, you also have the opportunity to rescue stranded survivors - it’s a bit like Lego Batman 3 where you try to rescue Stan Lee.


So basically between levels there is stacks to do and this time the incentive to get yellow bricks is enhanced by the fact that in Lego Jurassic World it supports Dinosaurs that you can unlock and actually use in-game!

In fact Dinosaurs do play an important role and the integration is brilliant!

Some of the Dinosaurs, such as the T.Rex are really fun to control - as you go stumping around the world or letting off the famous T.Rex roar! However as mentioned above the Dinosaurs are important, as they can be used to help solve puzzles - alongside the standard characters - and it adds another way to play the game.

You can earn new Dinosaurs mid-game by collecting hidden amber fossils or heal sick Dinosaurs by finding hidden food items (ice cream/bananas). This usually requires one of your characters to dive in dino poo! We are not kidding!

But going back to the yellow bricks for a moment, you see during free play roaming sessions you can unlock Dinosaur pads, which allows you to bring new Dinosaurs into the playing field. The only snag is you need a certain amount of yellow bricks to do this.

Thankfully a lot of the bricks are located on the map, so all you need to do is play through the game to unlock characters that will eventually lead to collecting them – as some places require either special Dinosaurs or Lego characters.

Of course this is just the free play bit and I have not even talked about the main levels yet, so I’ll get straight to this now.....

Mid game

As I mentioned before, the film tie-in aspect is awesome and this is bolstered by brilliant level design - one that can at times incorporate both the Dinosaurs and basic Lego characters.

Each character has their own unique role, which is standard Lego affair, but the combination of the Dinosaurs with the stars from the film is superb.

As with most Lego games the levels are littered with smash-able bricks, so your OCD brick bashing will be satisfied to the full! Some bricks of course can’t be destroyed without a character’s special ability; hence the free play mode adds a huge replay incentive.

The characters have a wide range of special moves to, for example some can shoot, while others can go invisible or jump into dino poo!

Puzzles are generally easy to solve (usually consisting of A to B recovery or finding items) however they are still enjoyable and as you go further into the story you'll find that more ways of solving puzzle will open up.


The added use of Dinosaur’s characters is the best part about the game and this comes to the fore in the early level of Jurassic World - where you play as a pack of Raptors. This opening level has to be the most hilarious I have ever seen and the fact that as a Dinosaur you can build objects, like standard characters can, doesn't seem to be that out of place!

Levels also seem to take a bit longer to complete (which is a good thing), but thankfully you have plenty of save points at key stages of a level so you can come back to stages later.


Most of the gripes I have with the game are more connected with the Xbox One itself (used to review), rather than the game per-say. For example in couch coop mode when you have a Kinect attached it will sense you and the controller i.e. as to what side of the screen you are on.

Sometimes if you are not careful and you have the controller resting on your lap, it will switch you over to the other side of the screen and then back again.

You also have the camera angles that dynamically switch (though you can turn this off), but to be honest for the most part the angles were a lot better than previous outings and your buddy can make life easier when judging puzzles i.e. ones that require your Dinosaurs to reach higher places.

There were also a few bugs which crept to the surface, such as the character wheel in the free play modes not working – so you had to drop out and then re-connect to get this working again.

Thankfully these issues were few and far between!


You also get a few other bonuses with this game and one is that seen during the level loading screen i.e. you get some factual info about the Dinosaurs. The snag here is they needed to provide a picture to support this info.

There is also a fun element that you'll get to participate in after completing each park, but I won’t spoil this for you!


While the dubbed voice quality is questionable in the early stages of the game, its inclusion adds massive atmosphere to what is essentially the films played out in Lego format - with the Lego humour used to perfection here.

For Lego fans there is the usual replay value in terms of the free play modes and coupled with some great level design, OCD brick bashing and Dinosaurs to utilise/unlock (try using the Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus) it’s insane!) this makes it one of the beet movie tie-ins to date for me – better than the last film even! So well worth purchasing and going for the 100%!

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