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Teufel Concept E 5.1 Surround Sound System Review

Teufel are a respected manufacturer of hi-fi equipment which is why it came as no surprise that the Concept E speakers (despite their entry level status/price) were blessed with superb sound and build quality to match.

Build Quality & Design

Unboxing the Concept E speakers (which you can see in our media section below) first involved removing the large active subwoofer from the first of two boxes. Upon removal it instantly felt heavy and this was a testimony to its build quality which was superb.

Additionally you get to see the stylish front of the sub which is adorned with the Teufel logo etched in the center of the white touch screen interface; which allows you to manipulate the source inputs, volume and individual speakers. In-use it also displays clearly what option you have selected.

At the back of the sub you have a European plug attached but we have been told that the box should also come with a UK mains adapter. Alongside this you have all of your connectivity ports. For example at the base you have a speaker-out section which is where one end of the speaker wires connect. Next you have the analogue-in section where you can attach a standard audio left/right cable and above this you have the digital-in section which supports  1 x Digital Optical and 1 x Digital Coaxial.

For Computers you can also utilise the Line-in ports for connecting to a compatible sound card or you have a USB 2.0 connection which effectively allows you to convert your system into a surround sound platform regardless if you have a sound card or not.

On top of this you also have Bluetooth compatibility which means you can attach the speakers to a tablet or smartphone.

Additionally inside the box you have the manuals, 30m of speaker cabling (which is ample for most size rooms) and then you have the puck!

This is Teufel's funky remote control and while at first you may be scratching your head as to how it works, in practice it is superb and not only looks the business it also provides you fast access to the input and volume controls of the speakers.

Speaker box

The second box provides all of your satellite style speakers. Apart from the center speaker they are identical in size and again are similar to the sub in that they look stylish and have a weighty feel behind them (with ample build quality). Each speaker also has a protective grill to stop dust getting in and around the back you have space for the speaker cable to plug into and what looks like a slot for wall mounting.

The center speaker is slightly larger but it retains the same build quality as the four smaller satellites. However the center speaker does come with a handy stand with a rubberised base to prevent slippage on a hard surface. Note you also have a packet of self-adhesive rubber feet for the remaining speakers.


For what is essentially an entry level system, the speakers are a joy to setup! While the thought of having to attach speaker cables seems daunting, Teufel have made life a heck of a lot easier. For example once you have measured the distance from each speaker to the sub, all you have to do then is pull the cable apart at the end and you’ll notice a tiny cut in each side. You can then pull the plastic cover off from this small cut to expose the wiring underneath; which is the perfect length for twisting and attaching to the back of the speakers and sub. It’s a great touch and something that takes away the hassle of having to manually strip the cable yourself.

After the speakers are connected you can then push the rear left and rear right buttons together to enable the test mode. This will then play white noise to each speaker to make sure they are working and positioned correctly.

You also have the ability to select a speaker icon on the panel to increase the volume that comes from each speaker. Thus if you want more volume coming from a certain speaker you can do so.

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