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  • Gametel Smartphone Games Controller Review

    Gametel Smartphone Games Controller Review

    The Gametel controller is a piece of tech for transforming the way you play games on your Android or iOS based smartphone.

  • Space WX Review

    Space WX Review

    USU Space Weather Center's App "Space Wx" concerns itself with Space Weather and how the sun effects the near-Earth space environment - which if memory serves is the area of space just above the Earth or where all the space junk is found i.e. tons of old satellites - and our technological systems (i.e. mobiles, GPS etc).

  • Thermometer Review

    Thermometer Review

    Thermometer is technically not going to turn your Android smartphone into a thermometer as such, rather it uses your GPS location (along with a series of other scientific algorithms) to gain up-to-the minute outdoor temperatures while displaying the results in either Fahrenheit or Celsius on one of three backgrounds.

  • Deezer Review

    Deezer Review

    Deezer is a music streaming service (In total you have something like 15 million tracks to pick from) that offers a pretty good alternative to Spotify.

  • Co-Pilot Live Premium UK + IRE Review

    Co-Pilot Live Premium UK + IRE Review

    Co-Pilot Live is a name that is respected heavily within the navigation world and as a result previous versions have won countless awards. So it was with great excitement that we delved into the latest offering to see if it could keep up the same standard.

  • Wallpapers HD Review

    Wallpapers HD Review

    Available for Free on the Android and iOS platform (we reviewed the Android version) Wallpapers HD comprises of a collection of high-quality wallpapers that you can set on your home screen or save to your device.

  • Disney's "Where's My Water?" Review

    Disney's "Where's My Water?" Review

    Disney's "Where's My Water?" is a physics based game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, involving a sewer alligator called Swampy, who is unlike most of the alligators in the sewer. Swampy just loves to be clean but the other alligators, lead by Crank, have sabotaged the water supply. So this means that you need to help Swamy restore the supply so he can have a shower.

  • Pure Breeze Launcher Android Review

    Pure Breeze Launcher Android Review

    Pure Breeze is an alternative Android launcher from Samsung. You can download a lite version of the launcher before you buy which we strongly recommend.

  • Jump Desktop Android Review

    Jump Desktop Android Review

    If you find you are in the need to control your PC/MAC remotely then Jump Desktop is an ideal solution. Not only is it relatively in-expensive at the moment (£0.69), but it also allows you to control the computer from your Android smartphone over the standard Windows RDP and VNC server protocols.

  • Family Tracker for Android Review

    Family Tracker for Android Review

    Even though Family Tracker was reviewed on our Android device (namely a Samsung Galaxy S II) it is actually a multi-platform solution for tracking your friends/colleagues.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

    Back at the start of the month, we had chance to play with Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1. Similar to the Galaxy S II we reviewed earlier, this has to be one of the best Android Tablets available at the moment, but that’s not to say it hasn’t got its weak points.

  • Samsung Galaxy S II Review

    Samsung Galaxy S II Review

    In some ways we have been privileged enough to have had use of the Samsung Galaxy S II for the past few months and this has given us enough experience to categorically say from the off that this is the best Android Smartphone we have ever used. A bold statement we know, but the phone is so good at most tasks that as an all-rounder it excels.

  • ViewRanger Android & iPhone Review

    ViewRanger Android & iPhone Review

    Back at the end of July we were heading to Yorkshire in attempt to walk or crawl our way across the Three Yorkshire Peaks challenge, which consists of traversing three mountains, Pen-y-ghent (694m), Whernside (736m) and Ingleborough (723m) in under 12 hours. As a result we needed some Topography OS maps to help us with our challenge, but we thought it would be a great idea to compare Augmentra's ViewRanger iPhone and Android apps against the latest Garmin device.

  • Solo App Review

    Solo App Review

    Solo is a cool Android app which allows you to play chords on a virtual guitar. You won't find a fret board to strum notes as such, but there is an adjustable capo for changing the tone of the chords and there are around 10 chords available at one time which can be positioned at the top of the screen and then played by strumming or taping on the strings underneath.

  • Spark 360 Review

    Spark 360 Review

    Spark 360 is a brilliant app that allows Android owners to keep track of their Xbox Live profiles. Its rare to see such an App outside Windows Phone 7 and we have to say we prefer this to Microsoft's own solution. As well as being able to keep track of your Gamerscore, you can also receive and send messages to your Xbox Live Friends (though you will need a Gold membership). Additionally you can receive friend and message notifications, plus there is even a currency converter for Microsoft points.

  • Alf For LoveFilm Review

    Alf For LoveFilm Review

    LoveFilm is one of the most popular online rental services for films and Game titles. It allows you to join up using a variety of cost effective packages (£5.99 to £19.99 a month) and for your money you get to access their database of thousands of titles. For those who have already joined you will know that your films are queued in a list and depending on your package you will get one title sent out before you have to send it back and then the next item on your list is posted. Whilst you can login to the main website to check on your rentals, this is not always that easy to do if you are at work or are not by a computer. However there is a cool Android App developed by David Johnston that will certainly help.

  • Review Review

    One of the biggest problems, when trying to explain anything related to IT is describing the intricate details to non-technical minded people, especially when you have no means to get your point of view across other than by word of mouth.

  • WaveSecure For Android Review

    WaveSecure For Android Review

    WaveSecure is available on a number of different platforms but the version we tested was for the Android operating system. Basically the App allows you to configure your Android phone so in the event of loss or theft you can track it down (lock it or remote wipe) using a web browser/additional phone.

  • Angry Birds Review

    Angry Birds Review

    Angry Birds is something of an 'in' game at the moment and you'll see why when browsing through the  iTunes App store, as its still the No1 best selling App in multiple countries.